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It is with my deepest regret that I have to announce the closure of the LenMus project.

I always failed in attracting more developers to the project and the result is that LenMus was increasingly lagging behind the fast pace of changes on computers and the increment on project objectives and complexity. As I can not do it all alone, I stopped all development six months ago and, probably, I will not resume it again. Read more.

It was for me a great honor that LenMus project was selected by the Australian Government as one of the three applications for music that was loaded in laptops for children, as part of their Digital Education Revolution project.

Thank you to all the loyal users, and to everyone who contributed in different ways over the years to this project.

Please update your bookmarks and links to point to "". Old domain "" will stop working. Thank you.

Welcome to LenMus! It is a free open software project, committed to the principles of open source software, free education, and open access to information. It has no commercial purpose. It aims at developing publicly available knowledge, methods and algorithms related to teaching music, and music representation and management with computers and, at the same time, to provide free quality software for music students, amateurs, and teachers. I started LenMus when I was studying music theory, as a help to practice sight reading and aural training. Since then I've been working on this. I hope it can be useful to you!. And that you will join me to help to improve the project!

For music students

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A totally free program for studying music therory that allows you to focus on specific skills and exercises, on both theory and aural training. The different activities can be customized to meet your needs. Phonascus allows you to work at your own pace, providing interactive feedback until mastery of each concept is achieved.

  • Books and lessons on music theory.
  • Interactive exercises for theory and aural training.
  • You can customize the exercises to meet your needs.

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See features for an extensive overview, take a look at the screenshots, or download it right away.

myMusicTheory logo Prepare your ABRMS examination

MyMusicTheory website is collaborating with LenMus with their lessons on music theory. Visit myMusicTheory website were you will find free help and a lot of free information to prepare your ABRMS examination:

  • Online lessons in music theory.
  • Ask whatever you would like to know about music theory.
  • ABRMS exams to practice.
  • Book recommendations.

Practise music theory on-line

MusTeacH and LenMus projects are joining efforts to provide you with great tools for your music studies. LenMus project is focused on providing software for desktop computers, but does not provide exercises and materials on-line. On the contrary, MusTeacH project is focused on providing these materials on-line. Both projects, MusTeacH and LenMus, have similar aims and are complementary.

Visit MusTeacH website for practicing exercises on-line, without having to install LenMus program. You will find there many on-line interactive exercises for practicing music theory and training your ear.

LenMus blog News and articles

Visit the LenMus blog, an open and informal communication channel for anyone interested in the Lenmus project. Find news, articles, comments, and interesting stuff, all related to LenMus project.

09/Jul/2014 - LenMus reaches its end
17/Nov/2013 - New wiki and dictation exercise specifications
26/May/2013 - MusTeacH and LenMus collaboration initiative
03/May/2013 - Release of Phonascus v5.3.1
30/Dic/2012 - RPM packages available and tutorials update

For software developers

Lomse library Lomse library

Lomse is a free open source project to provide software developers with a C++ library for rendering, editing and playing back music scores. With it, you can add capabilities to any program for displaying and editing music scores. It is witten in C++, it is platform independent. More info

wxMidi component wxMidi component

wxMidi is a free open source component for software developers using the wxWidgets application development framework. With this component you can add MIDI in/out support to your wxWidgets application. wxMidi is a wrapper for PortMidi, the Portable Real-Time MIDI Library. More info

Last updated: 2014/07/27